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About Con Steel

Our Beginning...

The company principal, Roland Di Florio has been in the steel fabricating business since 1956.  Through his hard work, hands-on experience and unrelenting dedication, he provides the expertise and skill required, directing our team of qualified employees and leads us to where we are today.

Well known and respected within construction circles, , was established in March of 1990.  Always ones to make a strong impression, they constructed a 30,000 square foot facility with fire-red siding in the heart of Brampton’s industrial quarter and within close proximity to major highways.  It was their intent that customers would always know how to find Con Steel by the bright red siding, making it for an instant, if not memorable impression.

Honest and fair, delivering quality construction projects on time and within budget – that’s what makes Con Steel competitive.  Having the team that will orchestrate each new job with enthusiasm and professionalism - that’s what sets Con Steel apart from other structural steel fabricators.


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Con Steel's 30,000 square foot facility located in Brampton, Ontario